Beautiful Ad

This latest advert by Volvo is beautiful. It would be so lovely to have the time (film time) to use such evocative imagery and be able to grade so beautifully. I think in Scotland we get ads like this but those from warmer climes don’t really understand.

Sweden’s harsh winter looks hauntingly beautiful in this commercial for Volvo that immerses you so deeply in the landscape, you almost feel like you’re there. Filmed by New Land for Forsman & Bodenfors, it seeks to evoke the feeling of “vemod.” A word without a direct English translation, “vemod” represents the tender sadness or melancholy mixed with a feeling of longing Swedes experience during the long, winter months, a period that, strangely enough, has a positive impact on the country’s creativity — from its music to its cars.

Set to title track “Vintersaga,” performed by Swedish singer/songwriter Amanda Bergman, the film comprises vignettes of Swedish people and scenery, connected by a sturdy Volvo slipping through the landscape.

The full four-minute film aired on Swedish TV this weekend, the longest ad in the country’s broadcast history (60- and 30-second versions will also run). It’s all part of the brand’s ongoing “Made in Sweden” campaign, celebrating its native land.

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