Boathouse. Fuji X-pro 1 with 18mm @f5.6

It’s simple really, let’s start with the Oxford English Dictionary

adjective …. of great value

At  Precious Productions we love and value our work as much as you value your business. With a background in broadcast television, international advertising and corporate productions.  was started  in order to combine our technical expertise with all the things we love most in life :

  • Talking and listening to others
  • Creating beautiful visuals
  • Crafting stories
  • Forging happy and lasting relationships
  • It’s us who will be handling your brief, not a junior researcher .

noun … the action of making 

The components are your requirements and subject expertise, combined with our production skills and advice.  Precious Productions is not stuffy and corporate with our approach – we’re people who are fun to work with, but who are fully dedicated to crafting the exact visual communication result you are looking for.

With experience in TV, Commercials, Idents and Corporate Films, we like to think we’re a well rounded and knowledgeable provider that will make your budget go further.

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